The Pencil Sharpener

Two weeks ago, after a long hike, we checked into a Pensione in Deba, Spain and were given this room, which, as you can see, is the size and shape of a pencil sharpener. It was widest at the head of the very small double bed, then narrowed into a bathroom where sitting down was an option only for the double jointed. And, yes, the train tracks below the window on the left were very active. Oh, and there were  six Hungarian 20-somethings doing shots in the room across the hall. It was a long night. We spent most of it swearing, wrestling each other for the single pillow, and casting blame for our predicament….

But now, after a week knocking around an empty nest, I LONG for the Pencil Sharpener Suite. The passing high speed trains seem romantic, the hooting Hungarians festive, and that tortuous WC where I concussed myself reaching for toilet paper, well, I want to do it all again, and again…Time to start planning another trip.

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