We really do have the best friends…

The first email in my inbox this morning was from our friend, Mary, with a suggestion for our new life.

Subject: You and Sam

Open B&B?


Mary knows we have long been planning a move and that the Hudson River Valley is on our radar.  Hence, her Red Hook real estate suggestion.  But running a B&B? Pretty confident it’s never crossed my mind.

My first reaction was something between a chortle and guffaw.  I’m famous (in our admittedly tiny circle) for once having told some complaining customers at the Simon Pearce Restaurant that they were “lucky to get a table.”  Sam is famous for, well, not, shall we say, being all that sociable.

But then I started thinking about it….

While waiting for the coffee to brew, I mentioned it to Sam.

“We’re not going to be serving people breakfast,” he announced.

“Well we could do it like they do in Spain,”  I countered.  “Croissants.  Room temp frittata.  Fruit. No cooking required. All you’d have to do is make the coffee.”

“I’d rather open a gas station. People come, you have a few minutes conversation…and…they…leave.”

Deciding that 6:45AM might not have been the optimal time to address our future plans, I retreated to my office, coffee in hand.

For now.

PS The Simon Pearce Restaurant  learned its lesson and a)fired me and b)should be on your bucket list.

PPS  Mary, keep those ideas for our new life coming.  We’re wide open – after 9AM.

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