Ever Heard of A Telephone?

Hi, Guys. That black thing with the buttons on it and the wires that go into the wall, it’s called a “telephone”.  It’s an excellent device for maintaining communication with your parents. I know. It’s old school. Even more old school than email. But I don’t want to “talk” via email because, let’s be real, you’ll never read my wall of words about prostate issues and lawn care.  And I don’t want to Skype because you don’t want your roommates to see you talking to “Daddy”, and I don’t want to see the keg they mounted on your bookcase. And I don’t want to text or ichat, cuz OMG  Im nver sure if yer writing that way on purps or u acshully nver lernt to spell & punk2ate.  And don’t call on my cell, because everybody hates everybody who yaks on a cell.  I just want to sit in a comfortable chair in our quiet home and hear your voices. Once a week. So, please…call me on the black thing.

8 thoughts on “Ever Heard of A Telephone?

  1. Oh, Sam, you are, along with a few outliers like me, a true Luddite.
    If you interested, pretty much the only source of information we get about Willy’s life is via his very own obligatory WordPress blog.
    Check it out: willgansa.wordpress.com

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