Learning to walk…

I always felt profoundly comforted when each of our boys learned to walk.  There was something about them transitioning from quadruped to biped, enacting in miniature the whole long, primal story of human evolution. It made me think everything was going to be all right.

Last Tuesday, for the first time, each of our boys could vote.  We were all watching the returns separately, but had a group text going.

“Still tight everywhere!!”

“CNN. I hate their touch screens so much.”

“I changed my mind and voted here. Swing state.”

“So crazy how all the Republican Senators are old white men.”

“Pop champagne for Barack campaign!”

When your kids learn to walk, you feel like you’ve grown a human. When they vote, you feel like you’ve grown a citizen.

6 thoughts on “Learning to walk…

  1. so sweet to be reminded of that time when our babies were just beginning life. lured me back to a beautiful past. thank you my sista

  2. Anna and Sam,
    I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog on the empty nest. While I have a few years left with some of my chicks in the nest I’m feeling the pull. Your posts are beautiful, funny, poignant and hopeful. Thank you for sharing! Love, Julie

    • Thank you, Julie! We’re having so much fun writing it, though going through our pictures to find ones like these definitely tugs at the heartstrings. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your time with your chicks. xoxo

  3. I LOVE your old pics….it makes me want to sort through mine 🙂 I am enjoying your blog, too. I just started one of my own…my daughter has a “Mommy” blog and she encouraged me to write mine. I know what you mean about voting…it sure brings the fact home that they are not children any more! (Thankfully mine all lean the same way politically that I do 🙂 Two of mine were overseas this time, voting by absentee ballot. The texting was fast and furious all through the night!

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