Kid Art Disposal

With the kids gone, I’m finally getting to the task of tossing the stuff they left behind. Old clothes? Gone. Paintball gun and accessories? Out. Pokemon cards? Please. And then I found this piece of Kid Art under a bed…

When the kids brought art home back in the day, my partner and I extolled their vast talents, then retired to a private chamber to appraise the piece. If we decided it was worthy, it went in “The Box” (each child has a box designated for his childhood treasures, including art). If it was unworthy, it got shit-canned. There wasn’t much sentimentality involved because, well, how many popsicle stick sculptures can you drag through life? So, here I am, suddenly thrust into the role of Kid Art Appraiser again. As you can see, it’s nicely painted, but it’s round, and it’s on thick piece of plywood, and it’s mostly purple. After deliberating for an embarrassingly long period of time, I decided it wasn’t worthy of The Box.  But on my way to the shit can, I turned it over and saw this…

Which is why it’s now hanging on my office wall….


2 thoughts on “Kid Art Disposal

    • I so agree with Fiona. I adore your writing. And this era is such an important one for me, as well! I remember that piece, I think!

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