My Ladder


SHOES: When’re you putting up the Christmas lights?

BOOTS: It’s still November. I think we have time.

SHOES: I’m picking up attitude.

BOOTS: Tis the season.

SHOES: Okay, Santa, I’ll start over. I’d really love it if you would be so kind as to string the Christmas lights on the exterior of our home.

BOOTS: I have to wait until Quinn gets home.

SHOES: He’s not getting home until the 15th!

BOOTS: It can’t be helped. He’s the tallest. I need him.

SHOES: We own a ladder.

BOOTS: Let me clarify. I’m emotionally incapable of rising from this chair and hanging lights without my son.

SHOES: That’s very clear.

BOOTS: So, we’re good for the 15th?

SHOES: Totally.

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