I’m sorry…Not.

So I was annoyed at one of my chicks the other day. We went back and forth via text.


Me: Where is the card?

Chick: Left it in the top 2 drawers.  Actually didn’t take it this time. (Notice that he says he left it in not one, but 2, drawers? Neat trick.)

Me: It’s not with the other cards.

Chick: Well, it’s there somewhere.

After this there ensued a span of time in which the card was diligently searched for and found, in one of the drawers, it is true, but hidden under something.

Me: Found it.

Chick: My b.


So my question is: does that count as an apology?

I’m getting the feeling that all this texting is something of a cheat – a way for us to avoid the sticky emotional wickets.

I think I’ll call next time.

But he probably won’t pick up.

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