Birthday boy (part deux)

Quinn, actually three...

If you read Sam’s birthday memory, you’ll know that when Quinny was small, he couldn’t make the “th” sound.  So, “three” always sounded like “free.”

We never mentioned it to him.  In fact, until I was following him up a jungle path one spring afternoon, I had no idea that he knew anything was amiss.

But as we trekked up from Secret Beach, I overheard him quietly repeating to himself the single phrase. “I’m three.”

Only he said it like this:  “I’m threee.  I’m THHreee. I’m THHHHREEE!!!”

He was, in fact, four.

But he had just then figured out, with pride and joy, how to say “three”.

There is something almost unbearably sweet about this memory for me. Something about that little four-year-old, all by himself, recognizing and working a problem.  And something about me getting so lucky that I got to be there, listening in, when he solved it.

Happy Birthday, Quinny. You’re my pride and joy.

2 thoughts on “Birthday boy (part deux)

  1. I just love the Sam and Anna memories, the looking back with a less ‘in the middle of the storm’ complication ( I guess the words are balanced, intelligent and distanced reflection ) “The Empty Nest’ – how come, not one person told me about this phenomenon and the heart-wrench that goes with it!!!!!!!!

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