Birthday boy…

Quinn and Sam

Nineteen years ago my son, Quinn, toddled up to me and said, “I’m free, Daddy.”

I was amazed that he was so politically aware at such a young age, so I launched into a short speech that I thought would provide relevant information for his run at the White House. “That’s right, Q-ball, you ARE free because you live in a democratic society where all men are equal under the law and able to pursue…”

I blathered on for a good couple of minutes, citing various storied parchments.

When I finished it wasn’t exactly a blank stare that came back at me. His big blue eyes seemed to say “That was interesting, but a little off topic.” Steering the conversation back on course he said…

“And next year I’ll be four!”

Well, my sweet son, next year is here.

Happy 22nd birthday.

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