Wouldn’t it be nice?

Two of our chicks are in the same city. One flies home today, the other Friday.

Brief pause while I cheer…HOORAY!

Text exchange with the one who’s coming home Friday.


Chick: Will you make him (his brother) take my gear and check it on the plane today so I don’t have to?

Me: No.

Chick: Irritating. Why not?

Me: Why?

Chick: Because I dont want to carry it across town and then through the airport.

Me: And he should…why?

Chick: To be nice.

Me: Oh, that. Don’t think I can help you there.

Chick: Well making him do it would be nice of YOU.

4 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be nice?

  1. What a beautiful photo!
    Hahahaha, someone will be glad when you move to the East coast, and airport travel home is no longer necessary 🙂

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