New paths…

new year's hike...

This morning, first thing, we took Sylvie and hiked into the mountains to an old oak tree that, like a queen, rules the ridge between Sullivan and Rustic canyons.  It’s our favorite hike.

Seven years ago, we agreed to leave Los Angeles when Eliot graduated from high school. What once seemed impossibly far off is now near – something that will happen as soon as our canyon’s sycamores leaf out again and her jasmine blooms.

My New Year’s resolution is to lighten our load, to let go of everything I don’t want or need so that I just carry the things that matter when we set out on our new path.

Wherever it leads us.

6 thoughts on “New paths…

  1. Lightening the load is just the greatest feeling but it is a process and incredibly time consuming. After the first attempt you think ‘ … great, that’s done” and you feel so proud of how much you have gotten rid of etc.
    I started 2 years ago and that was just the beginning – I’ve now repeated the whole process three times and want to do it again!!!!!!!!!!

    • I thought I’d been pretty good about moving things through our house but…now that we are really thinking of moving, and I really take a look at how much STUFF we have, it is shocking. A whole different level.

  2. It’s going to be hard to leave behind that vista, I know. But you must come visit me when you get east and I will show you lots of new hikes that Sylvie and you will love.
    And on the lightening the load — I started a few years ago also and have found I have less tolerance for any clutter…and yet, there it still is. The stuff of life.

    • That is definitely a plan, Valle!

      Regarding de-cluttering, I had thought of myself as a pro – I really enjoy the idea of the “stuff of life” going off to have another life in another house, making another person happy. That said, now that we are really cutting close to the bone, I realize I have actually been an amateur. More to come on this…

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