The Last Tree


My darling Mother In-Law, Rosie, an expert in all things Christmas, tells me you’re supposed to leave the tree up until January 6th, because this is when the The Three Kings actually arrived with their goodies. But we’re not particularly religious so, frankly, the tree is starting to feel a little past tense.

Still, I can’t bear to take it down. Why? Because all five of us decorated it together, and it’s  the last tree our family will ever have in this nest.

(If it’s still around in March, you have permission to call the fire department.)

10 thoughts on “The Last Tree

  1. We understand. Our tree is usually up until the end of January. It represents Christmas but also our daughter’s birthday since it’s the 16th. Very hard to take down. You’re moving?

  2. BTW you guys do the best trees – in fact I would have to say, the Sam and Anna Harper family trees were magnificent!!!

  3. I leave my tree up until it becomes a fire hazard, and even then I want to weep when it comes down.
    Your mother-in-law IS an awesome and beautiful person!! 🙂

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