The good old days…

As you may recall, we have a long-standing tradition here at casa McD-Harper called “Keep, Sell or Give Away”.  This holiday season, I took precious time from tree-trimming and creche-arranging to put each chick in a headlock and not let go until he sat in judgment over his possessions.  Today was Eliot’s turn.

As he was sorting through the ginormous pile of papers stuffed in his file drawers, he suddenly stopped and said, “Hey Mom, there’s something of yours here.”

“Awwww, ” I thought, secretly pleased that he had been sentimental enough to save something I had given him.

And then he handed it to me…

the good old days

14 thoughts on “The good old days…

  1. I used to have a basket that I collected things in. Unfortunately my children often had so many “things” that they didn’t really miss my collected items. I do like the note, though. I think it’s rather nice that he kept it!

  2. I am a keeper. I keep everything. I learned from my Great Uncle (born 1898)… he kept everything. We ended up with every car he owned from 1920. We ended up with cannons, threshing machines, whale skeletons, horse drawn hearses, steam tractors, lions…tigers…& bears… and a house….built in the 1890’s…. Now one of the finest museums in Ohio…. I am a keeper.

  3. i witnessed your tradition once and it has stayed with me. I think of you every time I go to the cleaning mode. The best news of the week — Natasha released everything in her desk to trash over the break! Huge win!

  4. Hahahhaha, my dad would like to write that note to me now! Sigh….the garage is on my list, honestly. I’ll get to it as soon as I finish everything I am doing on the computer 🙂

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