Not again…

all gone...

At 5 this morning, Eliot and I headed to the airport.  When I retured alone (sigh) at 5:57, I found Sylvie keeping his bed warm, just in case…

4 thoughts on “Not again…

  1. What a beautiful photo! I know that gut wrenching empty feeling. How lucky we are, though, to be able to hear their voices at a single touch and know that we can wrap our arms around them in a deep hug when we see them next.

  2. Zoee saw this pic and said, “Hey, that is my bed!”. She has the same comforter cover as Eliot, which is kinda cool! I love your blog – a consistent reminder to get off the computer etc and enjoy my kids while they are here. Hope you are well!

    • Hi Oshea! I love the synchronicity of Zoee and Eliot sharing the same comforter cover…very cool indeed. Thanks for reading our blog and for taking the time to comment – we love that!. And glad to hear it is helping to remind you to treasure every minute with your little ones – you won’t regret a second of it! xoxo

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