Planet 50s

While scanning the tens of letters I’ve gotten from my dear 93 year-old mother over the years, I found one written to me in 1988, shortly before I became a father.  She wrote, “As you embark on the adventure of fatherhood, in this new age of greater familial involvement,  I thought you might be interested in the instruction that I got in 1950, shortly after the twins were born.” She attached the following….


After I read it, I gave it to Anna and said, “From now on, I’d appreciate it if you’d follow the instructions in this document.”

“Oh, okay,” she said…and placed it in the shredder.

7 thoughts on “Planet 50s

  1. At the risk of losing my feminist bona fides, I think we can all take a page from your mother. Update that letter by making it gender neutral and I’m all for it. Let’s make our home a refuge. Let’s put away our work at a certain hour and connect with our spouses. Let’s make a little extra effort to put ribbons in our hair – or the equivalent – let’s clear out the clutter, be happy to see each other, minimize the noise (inner and outer), make each other comfortable, LISTEN to each other, and make the evening ours. Frame that thing, don’t shred it!

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