Where private school tuition dollars go…

As you may recall, Eliot stood in judgment over all his possessions while home over the holidays.  He threw a bunch of notebooks in the pile destined for the garbage, but I, daughter of a mother who (bless her) recycles birthday cards, thought I could find a good use for any paper that had escaped the industrious note-taking, essay-drafting and mathematical calculating that I was sure occupied his time at his wildly expensive private high school.

As I paged through the book, I noted two things: one, a surprising lack of pages that had actually been used and two, this intricately worked inside back cover.

times xxxxx says actually...

In the interest of privacy, I have crossed out the name of a teacher who clearly spent a tad too much time teaching an inadvertent vocabulary lesson.

In case you misplaced your glasses, the text at the top reads: “Times Xxxxx says actually.”

Or click on the picture to see it in all its magnified glory.

Now I am going to file this under “Things I wish I didn’t know.”

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