The Pool


The NFL season is over. The Super Bowl is done (Baltimore won, in case you live on Neptune). And another Harper Family Playoff Pool is complete.

Every year, The HFPP Commissioner (me) connects with the four other members of the Harper family (Participants) to organize bets on the NFL playoffs, The Pro Bowl, The NCAA BCS Championship game and, of course, The Super Bowl. The Commissioner (me) asks the Participants some combination of the following questions: Who will win the game? What will the exact score be? If your choice loses, what will be the losing score? Who will score the first touchdown? Who will score the first field goal? Some weeks he goes so far as to ask who will win the toss. Correct answers are worth 5 or 10 points, depending upon The Commissioner’s mood. When the Super Bowl is over, points are compiled, the winner is announced and, to much fanfare, a monetary award is presented. That’s 13 games. 65 bets over the course of 5 weeks.  (Are you bored yet?)

Probably because she has only won once and was never paid, the lone female Participant in the HFPP claims that The Commissioner (me) deliberately complicates the pool scoring system with extra games and stupid bets so that the Participants can’t figure out who’s winning the pool at any given time. Then he can simply choose whom he wants to win when post season comes to an end.

That might be true. Only The Commissioner (me) knows for sure. But he also does it because more games and more bets means more phone time with my male Participants, every weekend for five weekends in a row during football season…

3 thoughts on “The Pool

  1. Funny, commish. Don’t you hate the end of the football season… It’s all I can do to get to opening day of the Cubs next losing season.

  2. Could not agree more. Now begins the sports dead zone. The only solace is March Madness, but i kind of have to work to get interested in that.

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