And the winner is…

jump!One of the great perks of having a blog is that you get a lot of people in your corner when considering going against your Mother’s wishes.  Alas, in this case, not quite enough…


Though Rosie clearly won, I found myself reluctant to erase our voice mail message for all eternity, so I floated some of the “OTHER” ideas for her, hoping for a reprieve.

“New message including the boys existence but acknowledging their other homes…”

“You should change it when you move…( and save the message of course!)”

“You might compromise and get the kids to record the message announcing that callers have reached your phone number.”


“My father thought that voting with your mother was the best course of action”

That one, she liked. As for the rest, she pondered them for exactly five seconds and then announced…

 “I think you should just do it. Jump in with two feet.”

But I have always been a cautious bather.  So before doing anything drastic, I decided to consult the chicks and see if they had any strong feelings on the matter.  I got two votes for keeping our message as is and one…

“Do whichever makes you less sad.”

Just reading that made me sad. So sweet and so far away.

But I saw the practical wisdom in Rosie’s quasi-Draconian methods.  Perhaps I really did need to face the fact that they, sniff, don’t live here anymore. I was all set to pull the trigger and cut the phone message cord for good when…. I realized I don’t need to change a thing.

All Rosie has to do is hit the pound key to skip our message.

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