as it is…

So you’ve probably gone on to other things but I’ve continued to puzzle over whether or not to change our phone message.  I realized that simply avoiding the issue was not  a satisfactory resolution to the dilemma.

What did it mean that I didn’t want to delete the old message?  Did I fear that if I erased the message, something more, something deep and precious, would be obliterated too?  Was I just avoiding pain the pain of loss?  Was I just being a wimp?

And what if I was? Is that wrong?

The way I see it, this is how life works.

sunny day

One minute you’re sunning yourself on a warm, wooden dock.

boy meets tree

The next, you run your bike into a tree.

There’s no need to make it hurt any more than it already does.

So in the end, I took Eliot’s advice and, just for me, kept the message as it is.

Because it made me less sad.


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