In case of emergency…

When the boys were small enough for me to worry about but big enough to carry a backpack, letting them go always set off a tiny tsunami of fear.

I attached a little something to their packs to make me feel better. On the front, all the many ways we could be contacted in case of emergency…

contact me

And taped on the back…

money for nothing

They seem like historical records to me now, plastic fragments of a time from which nothing remains.  Our numbers have changed. The offices are closed. The pager ditched.  Pay phones for those quarters? Long gone.

The only things left are the inconsistent wave of worry and the small buoy of hope that, if the dreaded comes to pass, some stranger might see my boy in his distress, and care for me.

2 thoughts on “In case of emergency…

  1. Anna, you are the world’s most amazing parents! And….you have the most beautiful photos to remind you of the sweetest details in your children’s lives. I wish all the babies leaving my units at the hospital were going home to such loving hearts and souls!

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