Makin’ Conversation


I was on a plane today, waiting in line to use the lavatory, and recalled a flight in 1999 when I stood in a similar line with my youngest son, Eliot, then 6.  A gifted conversationalist, eager to engage (see above), he tapped the guy in front of him and said “Hello”. The guy turned, frowning, and nodded.

Determined to go deeper, Eliot tapped him again. The man turned again, clearly annoyed. Eliot looked up at him and cheerfully asked, “So, are you going to pee or poop?”

8 thoughts on “Makin’ Conversation

  1. Don’t know why it won’t let me click “like” except that maybe it knows that I what I really want to click is “love,” and “made me smile,” and even “Go Eliot!”

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