almost blooming

In 2007, we came up with a 6 year plan and announced it blithely to anyone who would listen:

“When Eliot graduates from high school, we’re leaving LA.”

I’m not sure anyone believed us. The kids didn’t believe us. I’m not sure we believed us.  It seemed impossibly far away. So easy to say.

But days and seasons passed and the six year plan became the 5 year plan, then then 4… And if you say something for long enough, the whimsical becomes the inexorable.

As last May approached, Eliot became increasingly horrified at the thought of us decamping to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance.

So we turned it into a six-and-a-half year plan. “Fine” I said, relenting. “We’ll have one more Christmas at home and then, when the jasmine blooms and the sycamores green up in the canyon, we’re gone.”

Here’s what I saw driving into our canyon today:

almost blooming

Jasmine. Almost blooming.

5 thoughts on “almost blooming

  1. What does this mean? Is the house on the market? Have you found a new home on the East Coast? When do you go? What does Sylvie think?? So many questions…

    • House not on market yet, but soon! Not looking for new home until we sell this one so no idea when we’ll go and Sylvie…haven’t broken the news to her yet! Living with the uncertainty is an interesting challenge but after YEARS of being so rooted, I think it’s probably good for us. Helps loosen all the attachments…xoxo

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