Letting go…


SHOES: Can I toss these papers? They’re clogging our storage space.

BOOTS: Those are my high school term papers.

SHOES: And therefore it’s time to let them go.

BOOTS:  I’m letting go of gluten. I’m letting go of snowboarding. I’m letting go of liquor that’s brown.  I am NOT letting go of my high school term papers. They’re heirlooms.

SHOES: Okay. But just take a quick look at the first page of your 1974 heirloom entitled “Franklin Delano ‘Rooservelt’s’ Lend Lease Act”…

BOOTS: ….Good God. What was I on?

SHOES: Do you really want the kids reading this stuff?

BOOTS: Incinerate at will.

9 thoughts on “Letting go…

  1. HahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahaaha, and, yes, I have some high school and college papers collecting dust too.

    Given shoes’ ability to scan important documents…..there is that option 🙂

      • No, no, really, not possible. I mean, a paper about FDR’s Lend Lease Act!? No, refuse to believe it could have been anything but riveting. Honestly, it was all about the “A” really, wasn’t it? (sometimes a “B+” from a tough professor rated the in-box).

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