Thinking of you…

One of the challenges of the empty nest years is getting through the losses.

At our college graduation, my former teammate and I made a bet. We’d meet at our 25th reunion and whoever had less hair would have to pay the other guy $100. At the reunion, we both had pretty big foreheads, so we called it a draw and made the same bet for our 50th reunion.  I found out today that John (top row center) isn’t going to get there. I’ll miss you, Tuna…

CC Soccer103

On the road again…


Red: Good to see you. Been a while.

Yellow: Yeah. Since Spain.

Red: So, where’re the empty nesters taking us this time?

Yellow: It’s a good-bye tour. Hitting all the hot spots in the West before the move East.

Red: Cool! So, we’re hitting Yosemite? Grand Canyon?

Yellow: Actually, we’re going to look at wildflowers.

Red: Wildflowers?

Yellow: In the desert. It’ll be beautiful.

Red: Wake me when it’s over.