8 thoughts on “Oh, dear…

  1. I feel strongly that you are both heading in the right direction – I believe that we always need to be challenging ourselves and pushing boundaries and how can we do that if we create lovely comfort zones. Very nice to have ( and here is where we need to be inventive vis a vis our comfort ‘blankets’ ) as long as we don’t spend our whole lives creating and living in a ‘supposed’ comfort zone…

    • It will be hard to leave our little nest, but I’m going to try to turn the anxiety that comes up into excitement…

  2. I agree with Fiona. AND I think you are both so courageous. These transitions are difficult, but the bottom line is that you keep an open mind and embrace the adventure. There is nothing the two of you cannot do together! 🙂

  3. As they say in ‘The Lion King’, which I’m watching constantly with Anna Luca these days:
    “It is time”.

    PS. Apropos The Lion King, I have such great memories of taking the boys to the $2.50 matinee at the Fairfax theater. We had such a lovely day and all loooved the movie.

    • Love the idea of you watching it now with your own sweet girl.

      As they also say in The Lion King…”The circle of life.”


  4. I was going to send you a photo of our sycamores the other day…looking bare but gorgeous in the winter sun. New roads await!

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