Career Opportunities…

Dear Quinn,

Graduation is coming up, so I figure you’re stressing about your career. Fear not. If your engineering degree doesn’t land you a job, remember that you have tons of previous experience in other fields…

You were a full on hero during the Malibu fire of `93…


You’ve put in huge hours on heavy equipment…00391_p_10ab8pkby20736

The pajama uniform created some cred issues, but otherwise you nailed your stint as a cop… 00403_p_10ab8pkby20748

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find decent royalty these days? A Viceroy internship is totally within your reach….00380_p_10ab8pkby20725

If all else fails, invent a sport…(linoleum downhill)….00498_p_10ab8pkby20218

Love, Dad

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