Thinking of you…

One of the challenges of the empty nest years is getting through the losses.

At our college graduation, my former teammate and I made a bet. We’d meet at our 25th reunion and whoever had less hair would have to pay the other guy $100. At the reunion, we both had pretty big foreheads, so we called it a draw and made the same bet for our 50th reunion.  I found out today that John (top row center) isn’t going to get there. I’ll miss you, Tuna…

CC Soccer103

4 thoughts on “Thinking of you…

  1. What a loss…and what a great guy. John was a wonderful teammate and a big reason why the CC Tigers soccer team did so well in the mid-70s. It was just a year ago, after years of no contact, that we connected through email. How grateful am I to have at least a few emails with Tuna to catch up on our lives. Our plan was to meet in Sao Paulo next year for the World Cup; sadly that won’t happen.

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