8 thoughts on “No quakes, please

  1. The east is fraught with significant storms
    Rain,snow, and wind will be your new norms
    To make sure you’re ready for the possible lack of power
    Quake-type supplies should still be available in a dark hour!!

      • Even after Los Angeles periodically shook
        Power came back quickly so we could read a book
        Now that we live near a North Shore Chicago lake
        Periodic self-sufficiency steps we still must take
        Pour the water on the plants
        Share the food with someone other than the ants
        Pack the lanterns, radios and survival gear
        And then you both can exist happily without fear!!

  2. Oh, nester friends, I envy you
    Your load is light, your road is new
    But you’ll need flashlights in the east
    Or, if not, a match, at least

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