Defcon 5 Flower Stress…


Shoes: Do you like the orchids I got for the open house?

Boots: Yeah. They’re nice.

Shoes: I hate them!

Boots. Okay. Why?

Shoes: The house is informal, the flowers should be informal.

Boots: So, let’s have no flowers.

Shoes: What planet are you living on?

Boots: The other one. And I just realized I’m very happy there.

7 thoughts on “Defcon 5 Flower Stress…

  1. Hope the house sells quickly….otherwise boots will need some serious meds to make it through the process. Flowers are just the opening move!!

      • Sam, hopefully the emigration is voluntary rather than mandated. I’m sure your lovely sister or other friends will understand the stress of putting a house on the market and take you in willingly!!

  2. The flowers are key…I am ashamed to admit I completely fell for our house because of the way the flowers looked in the sun on the dining room table the afternoon we first came to look at it. When we moved in so many months later I was kind of surprised at how ordinary the house was without those flowers (of course the heaps of dirty diaper, toys, mud, etc filling every corner didn’t help, either).
    Good luck!

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