Thanks, Armed Services

Paul C. Harper, Jr., 1943, Captain in the Fleet Marine Force on Iwo Jima (age 23!)


And yesterday, during a speech at his assisted living facility (age 92!)…


…”Iwo Jima was our last battle: from there we went to Guam to prepare for the invasion of Japan, scheduled for November. It came as a great relief that in the middle of August our radio operator started yelling at the top of his lungs, “It’s over! It’s over!”…Our next stop was home, with memories of the many great Marines and sailors with whom we had served…”

9 thoughts on “Thanks, Armed Services

  1. You really do look remarkably like him. At 23 you looked exactly like him. I’m glad he still looks and sounds so well. It is wonderful that you can be there for him. You are a good man Sam…..

      • The orderlies?? There were no orderlies at the Health Center. It was your Dad’s favorite and totally devoted nurse who joked about the strong resemblance. I adored your Dad. He was the best and there will never be another man like him, ever.

  2. Wow, what we keep learning! Thank you for sharing. We are proud and grateful for his generation. We we also know what you will look like at 93. Quite distinguished. Thank you!

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