Sweet Sauce

We limped into Pecos, Texas,  really looking forward to the barbecued brisket at this place…


Alas, it was closed. We called to double check the hours. The proprietor picked up and said, “Is that you settin’ out in the lot?” When we said that it was, she invited us in. “There’s plenty left,” she said. “And your dog can come in, too.”

She served up delish brisket, macaroni salad and banana cream pie (the vegetable), and then showed us tomorrow’s supply…


And now it’s on to the Arkansas pulled pork…

5 thoughts on “Sweet Sauce

  1. so jealous! Whenever we travel, my brother-in-law sends us off with a list of off-the-beaten track, but not-to-be-missed eateries. We have landed in some bizarre places (the back room of a Chinese grocery in Frogtown, for instance) but had the most memorable meals.
    Keep writing as you go, so we get to live the adventure through you.

    • It’s our daily mission to find the out of the way place to eat. Last night (in Little Rock) we were marginally successful–drove to a bbq place in a shopping mall called “The Whole Hog”. photos will follow.

      • if you need scouts as you head into a new town, give a shout-out and we can all do searches for the best places to eat. Looking forward to the whole hog pics.

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