I like my farm-to-table as much as the next girl, but..

After two days of wrestling with moving boxes and feeding on corn nuts left over from our cross-country drive, I ventured out of our new nest in search of provisions — hopefully not corn-based.

I landed in Hudson, 12 minutes of beautiful countryside from our house, parked my car (25 cents an hour!) and found the Farmer’s Market…

too cute

Promising, right?

The market is a fraction of the size of our old Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, but a fraction of the size is what we were going for when we moved here.  I happily wandered around and picked up “local” everything to tunes provided by a folk singer doing her best Joan Baez.

“This is going to work,” I thought happily to myself as I headed back to the car, deposited my fresh veggies and headed down Warren Street to Dogs of Hudson, which, I had been told, was charming purveyor of canine provisions.  On the way, I passed more high-end antique stores than I could count, each more refined and inviting than the last.  And yet, I somehow found myself longing for the early morning grit of the Pasadena City College Flea Market.

In Dogs Of Hudson, I learned all about the evils of Western Veterinary medicine and the miracle properties of blackstrap molasses for canine well-being. As I walked back to the car, I wondered if Sylvie had “farm-to-table” needs. And is there such a thing as a free-range Milk Bone?…and then I passed one too many folk singers.

“Seriously?” I thought, “What IS this place and how did I get here?”  And just when I was plummeting into a sour and decidedly unfolksy mood, a herd of beefy, tatted bikers thundered down the street.

And just like that, I felt happy again.

“This’ll work.”

6 thoughts on “I like my farm-to-table as much as the next girl, but..

  1. my dear – dodge and I were also at the Farmers Market that day – we might have blinked and seen each other. Probably my friend Abbie singing and I think that was Hudson Music festival weekend. it was. Its a cool place – slightly strange because I lived in Williamsburg Brooklyn for twenty years and it became so frigging cool and young as I got older. Moved to Hudson for twelve years and the same thing happened. But still Columbia County is beautiful and there are many aspects and Hudson is just one of them. Beautiful Camphill Communities as well. We may be back when Dodge graduates from her Camphill school in PA. Never know. lots of love to you. Catherine

  2. I had a Talking Heads moment last week….I was in Alexandria VA on business. Needed to take a dip in a pool after a long day in the guest office. Found a municipal pool. There was an adult water aerobics class going on in the shallow end. These adults were even older than me. The instructor’s boom box blared, Same as it Ever Was. I jumped in and pretended I was Michael Phelps.

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