Poser No More

During our move from LA to rural NY, I told my wife that I planned to country-accessorize immediately upon arrival.  I would own outdoor animals. I would buy farm equipment.  My clothing would be “Git er done” flannel and denim, and my hat would read “John Deere”.  Her response was, “Knock yourself out, poser.”

She had a point. I mean, how lame for an out-of-state urbanite to dress up all country local  without actually being country local. But today, as I was walking our dog across a barren cornfield, I found this little beauty, frozen in the snow…


And I really don’t think it would be right to wear it without a proper tractor underneath me.

9 thoughts on “Poser No More

  1. that hat’ll get you into a diner or two – just don’t say anything except if someone seems to be waiting for a reply say “your cows maybe gittin out” or “croppie’s maybe bitin.” Oh and at least get a pickup truck. Pitl’ll look good in the back – though she will eat your socks for doing that and that’ll make a nasty asspull

  2. Muy authentico! You may have to wait for a while to wear it just to be certain that you can live up to the level of rurality implied by your attire. Better to delay posing than be caught at it, if you know what I mean…

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