We’re moving…again.

It’s been 872 days since our last post, right about the time we bought a new nest and started remodeling. 

Since then, some other relevant numbers:

1 Cick (Eliot) graduated from college.

872 Hours Sam spent watering lawn and assorted shrubbery.

2 Times contractor made Anna cry.

60 Years Sam has been on planet.

68 Tile sample choices Anna had to peruse.

1 Medical condition Sam learned will be a friend for life.

45 Paint samples Anna had to peruse.

8 Times Sam had to move ALL worldly possessions due to construction.

1 Time Anna made contractor cry (it was worth it).

Our one and only Sylvie died.

We finished the remodel this summer. We dined in our new screen porch. We watched deer feed on our long grass. And Hudson Valley sunsets. And our local heron commuting from pond to river and back again.

All incredibly beautiful, but…there’s the house. And the house has needs. Lots and lots of needs. And is servicing the needs of a house how we want to spend this moment in our lives? The answer is, uh, life is too short to spend one more second thinking about grout.  

So, with the paint barely dry, we signed contracts to sell it and left for Scotland, a bucket list destination. 

And for the next year, or two, or three, we’ll make our nest in rentals at all of our bucket list destinations.

 Maybe we’ll hate living nest-less, maybe we’ll love it. In either case, we’ll let you know from our new blog location. We have to change the name because, you know, there’s no longer a nest to greet you from. 

 We’ve punched our Gypsy Ticket and hope to see you there