We’re moving…again.

It’s been 872 days since our last post, right about the time we bought a new nest and started remodeling. 

Since then, some other relevant numbers:

1 Cick (Eliot) graduated from college.

872 Hours Sam spent watering lawn and assorted shrubbery.

2 Times contractor made Anna cry.

60 Years Sam has been on planet.

68 Tile sample choices Anna had to peruse.

1 Medical condition Sam learned will be a friend for life.

45 Paint samples Anna had to peruse.

8 Times Sam had to move ALL worldly possessions due to construction.

1 Time Anna made contractor cry (it was worth it).

Our one and only Sylvie died.

We finished the remodel this summer. We dined in our new screen porch. We watched deer feed on our long grass. And Hudson Valley sunsets. And our local heron commuting from pond to river and back again.

All incredibly beautiful, but…there’s the house. And the house has needs. Lots and lots of needs. And is servicing the needs of a house how we want to spend this moment in our lives? The answer is, uh, life is too short to spend one more second thinking about grout.  

So, with the paint barely dry, we signed contracts to sell it and left for Scotland, a bucket list destination. 

And for the next year, or two, or three, we’ll make our nest in rentals at all of our bucket list destinations.

 Maybe we’ll hate living nest-less, maybe we’ll love it. In either case, we’ll let you know from our new blog location. We have to change the name because, you know, there’s no longer a nest to greet you from. 

 We’ve punched our Gypsy Ticket and hope to see you there

8 thoughts on “We’re moving…again.

  1. Oh, your new adventure of wandering sounds sublime. Can’t wait to follow your travels. And should you ever land back in New England for any amount of time, I want to get in a hike with you!
    Travel well, have fun, send back dispatches to us home bound types.

  2. Hi Anna and Sam,
    Same knows me but I never had the pleasure of meeting you. I am at a similar point in my life so I enjoyed reading your blogs. Sam, I love the way you write. When I read about you moving from California to “the country” my immediate reaction was that it would not work out. It was much too drastic of a change from my point of view. Living in upper New York State is so different from what you were used to. You probably should have rented for a year at least to figure out what felt right for you. I find that the older I get the more difficult it is to make new friends, really good friends. I made a fairly significant change in my life. I lived in Massachusetts all my life. I had a business in Springfield, Mass.for 22 years and needed a change. I always said I do not want to die doing what I was doing. So I made the change without much thought. And I made a mistake because I did not have a well thought out plan. I did not think about… what if the change is not right and what if I am not happy. I gave up my business and way of life and moved to my second home in Groton Long Point, Ct. Well, I do not like living here year round at all. It is not a good fit for me. I live here because my husband likes to live here so I did what he likes to do and not what I like to do. So, I became very unhappy quickly. I also had an apartment in New York but my husband did not like that either so I sold it and I became even more unhappy. The end result of all this is I came to the realization my husband was not a good fit for me. So…in a sense I retired, changed my life, made my husband happy and I became miserable. What a mess!! Sometimes we must go through these tough times and make mistakes along the way in order to get to a point where we begin to understand the journey we are on and what we need to make us happy.
    I am a Registered Nurse by education so I decided to be a “nurse” again. I was so excited to be a nurse again but it ended up being a huge disappointment for me. Nursing and health care has changed so much since I began working in my profession. Nothing lived up to my expectations. It was one disappointment after another. Transitioning into the next stage of our lives is the most difficult journey I have faced in my life. I am still learning but I think I have learned so much that as I move forward things will get better. Sam, I think you should write a screenplay about this subject and include a lot of humor in it. I am very serious!!! I know it would be a great success because there are millions of us going through the same thing. Just think of the millions of people you would assist in understanding how important it is to seriously plan for the next stage of their lives.
    Sam, you may not know who I am. I am the nurse that cared for your Mom and Dad at Essex Meadows. My condolences to you and your family for the the loss of your beloved mother this past July. I know from personal experience losing one’s mother is a tough loss but time does make it easier. And your Dad…well you know how I felt about him. He meant so much to me and I learned so much from him. Your Dad liked and respected me very much. He gave a great boost to my confidence and self esteem. I miss him every day. I only wish I was able to spend more time with him to get to know him better. The summer before he died I visited him at his home in Lyme. I spent at least three hours with him and we just “hung out.” I remember reading something you wrote about your Dad not being the type of person to hang out and do “nothing.” As I read your comments and reflected on the afternoon we hung out, it made that afternoon I spent with him so very special. He let me know when it was time to leave when he said he needed to take a nap. If our paths ever cross again I have more stories and experiences to share about your Dad.

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