And maybe we’ve changed…

We made a lot of promises to each other on the Camino.  Something would happen and we’d say, “We’ve got to remember this when we get back home.  We need to find a way to bring this (lesson, or insight, or feeling) back with us and integrate it into our regular life.”

We’ve said that before, when we’ve gone away. Hasn’t worked out so well.

On our way back from Santiago we had a few hours to kill in Barcelona. So we hopped a bus to the center of town and went to visit La Pedrera.

The building is chock full of fantastical flourishes.

Perhaps less show-stopping, but one of my favorite spots nonetheless was….

I loved the way Gaudi took something as prosaic as a wall in a stairwell and made it sing.

We promised right then to remember, when we got back, to make sure to give more space for art to enliven our everyday.

And yesterday, in the spirit of keeping our promise, we went with some good pals to see the Ken Price show at LACMA.

We both were lucky to know Kenny.  Art was his Camino and he walked it every day.

Among the lyrical, sensuous, witty, drop-dead gorgeous pieces, the expression of a whole, good life in work, one small and lively cup caught my eye.

There’s a quote of Kenny’s on one wall:

“I make concrete objects that stay the same pretty much for the whole time they exist, and you can go away, and you can come back, and maybe you’ve changed, but the object will still be the same.”

We’ve gone away and we’ve come back.

And maybe we’ve changed.